Звернення українських художників до Світової мистецької спільноти!

You are currently viewing Звернення українських художників до Світової мистецької спільноти!

Address of Ukrainian artists to the World Art Community!

We, the artists of independent Ukraine, who on the eighth day defend their right to Freedom in the bloody struggle against the Russian aggressor, appeal to the Unions of Artists, Associations, Guilds, Galleries, Museums to officially ondemn to aggression of the Russian Federation. Colleagues, do not be silent!

We demand to ban members of the Union of Artists of Russia from participating in international cultural and artisti projects, exhibitions, symposiums, festivals, conferences, etc. Complete isolation of the artists of the aggressors country from world cultural processes.

Know the Russian artists who support Putins actions and the wal in Ukraine – the blood of our children, civilians in your hands, too.

We will never forgive!

Artists from all over the world, support Ukraine!

Chairman of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Konstantin Chernyavsky.

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