Address: 15552, Chernihiv region, Chernihiv district, Sedniv town, SHEVCHENKA STREET, 59

“Sedniv … This name is mentioned even in ancient chronicles. It is also remembered that there is a stream of snow. It is spoken by Hlibovym.Sednovsky graves and historical monuments were painted by Taras Shevchenko. By the linden that survived to our time the estate of Lizogub, he loved to rest. … in the depths of the old garden, I wrote dozens of Ets. It seems like a source is exhausted, but life gives us all the new feelings, all the new variations.

Hero of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Ukraine, the winner of the National Prize named after T.G. Shevchenko Tetyana Yablonskaya

Creations in 1964 (the day of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko) in the smt of Sedniv in the Chernigiv region, as the Republican booth of creativity and the foundation of the Art Fund of the Union of Artists of the URSR (BTV “Sedniv”).

For the mortgage, I saw a pivdenny, unforgotten part of the territory of the historical garden of Lizogubiv, some of the guests Taras Shevchenko and de vin vykonav low artistic creations.
The first line of Art House was made up of two rows of single-surfaced wooden bundinochkіv, roztashovannyh obabіch in a small square. In one of the houses, the administration of the mortgage was located.
Late in the 1960s, a three-surfaced head body was sprouted nearby. Above the Shevchenko street, as if I would wake up in the future, I will lay a mortgage on the territory, a pishokhidny place was thrown over.

In 1985-87, a double-topped building from the attic was sporadized, which also has an assembly hall (2nd on top) and a library (mansard on top). On the territory, I will lay a sprat of one-surface single-surface living houses for increased comfort, children’s and sports maidanchiks, green areas of recreational recognition, and lords’ spores.
For an hour of functioning, the mortgage in the new one was visited for creativity and inspiration by hundreds of mitts from Ukraine and foreign lands;

In the 2010s, the head building was overhauled, the facades were reconstructed and insulated, communications were replaced, the interiors were modernized, and living quarters were closed.

Prices from 360 UAH for dobu s 3 we will develop food.
If you bring a repair, armor and all other meals, get back to the director
House Art “Sedniv”

Pashchenko Oleksiy Ivanovich
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