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The Journal of Fine Arts of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine has a generous artistic tradition behind its shoulders. History – also, more than eighty years! The root pages of our magazine are related to the literary and art weekly “Art” of the Art Department at the People’s Commissariat, headed by the Famous Mikhail Semenko and George Narbut (1919-1920), as well as to the magazine “Art” of the Anum-noble community. also an editorial group of the Munich monthly literature, art and criticism “Arch” (1947-1948), led by Y. Shevelyov, J. Gnizdovsky and other patriots, with the New York legendary “Contemporary with the famous critic B. Pevny. We, together with our predecessors, uphold the thoughts of the great original artistic culture of Ukraine, marked by millennia of creative initiatives on its land.
The chief editors of our OM for forty years were the unforgettable P. Govdya, M. Zhuravel, M. Marichevsky, and for the twelfth year the author of these lines was O. Fedoruk.
What does the OM bring to our reader, what is its position, what are its dotted milestones, its main directions? Ukrainian art is the alpha and omega of the magazine’s historical and critical claims, and the theory and history of Ukrainian art are its focus on the classical past and contemporary artistic polyphonism. On the pages of the magazine the readers are introduced to the materials about the famous art masters of our past, the scribbled art of Ukraine of the Bolshevik stagnation period, the forbidden and half-forgotten names and works, the barbaric destruction by the Bolsheviks of the Ukrainian artistic heritage. About our illustrious artists who, from 1917 to the 1980, were forced to seek asylum in foreign lands. About talented artists of independent Ukraine, who, having accelerated the step of crossing the rubicon of territorial artistic locality, have entered the space of dialogue with world art. FA also holds the achievements of Western and Eastern art in the field of view. It comes out four times a year. It is, unfortunately, the only platform of artistic criticism in the history and theory of Ukrainian art in multimillion-dollar Ukraine.

Olexander Fedoruk,
Doctor of Arts, Professor,
Member of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine